PRC | Luxury Consulting

  • Modernity with refinement

    The appropriate choice of objects for a luxuiry project reflects the customer’s elegance and refined taste

  • Decoration with Elegance

    Tradicional ambiances redesigned in order to allow a more relaxed environement, but keeping the necessary refinement. What about lunch at the cave?

  • The eternal Classic

    The true beauty the lasts throughout times is conceived by the combination of availability with knowledge. The right measure of Luxury for the present times.

  • Refinement in all moments

    Moments of relaxation in your vacation spaces can certainly conciliate simplicity with refinement.

  • Icons redefined

    To include Icons of the decoration world in your project requires innovation and renovation. Signs of subtile elegance!

  • Signs of luxury

    Through the proper choice of objects, you signify your good taste and knowledge!

  • Color Harmony

    The subtle combination of striking colors make your ambiance unique and refined.

  • Residential project

    Idealization and realization PRC Consulting in partnership with Guima Mello Arquitetura